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Employee income simulator

Rémunération du salarié
Labor cost

Spent by the company

Gross salary

Reference gross (excluding premiums, allowances and surcharges)

Net salary

Received by the employee

Net salary after income tax

Transfered on the bank account

How is the net salary calculated?

At the job interview, the employer usually proposes a "gross" remuneration. The amount announced thus includes employee contributions, which are used to finance the employee's social protection and which are deducted from the "net" salary received by the employee.

You can use our simulator to convert the gross salary into net salary. Simply enter the advertised remuneration in the gross salary box. The simulation can be refined by answering the various questions (fixed-term contract, executive status, overtime, part-time, meal vouchers, etc.).

Moreover, since 2019, income tax is deducted at source. To do this, the Directorate General of Public Finance (DGFiP) sends the employer the tax rate calculated from the employee's income tax return. If this rate is unknown, for example in the first year of employment, the employer uses the neutral rate .

How to calculate the cost of hiring?

If you are looking to hire, you can calculate the total cost of your employee's remuneration, as well as the corresponding employer and employee contribution amounts. This enables you to define the remuneration level by knowing the overall amount of expense this represents for your company.

In addition to the salary, our simulator takes into account the calculation of benefits in kind (telephone, company car, etc.), as well as the compulsory health insurance.

There are deferred hiring aids which are not all taken into account by our simulator, you can find them on the official portal.